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Volunteering on-site is one of the best choices you can do! Come to Sudan Darfur, meet our Team in person, be part of our office or community team.

We are a team who is always eager and open for assistance in our journey to spearhead community-led solutions to alleviating poverty and empowering youth and women’s socio-economic condition through various project initiatives.

We offer safe hosting accommodations at a fee and regular working conditions for your volunteering experience. You will be oriented in your first week & guided by JMCO staff during your entire stay to make your volunteer experience a fruitful one.

Each volunteer is a precious resource for JMCO and as we learn from each other, you will go back to your hometown or country with a different perspective of the world, and see the world through new eyes of transformation.

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    JMCO is a national NGO, humanitarian, nonprofit and non-governmental organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through relief and development programs. Founded in Nyala – Sudan in 1999.

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