Nov 19 2023

Joint Programme Child Protection

During September 2023, JMCO carried out an emergency response activity under Joint Programme Child Protection intervention in one of the war torn localities in Sudan- Zalingei Central Darfur State. Children in the locality are in dare condition of protection; lack of safe friendly space, rape, risk of stray bullets and lack of psychosocial support are among the top gaps. The response supported children from newly established gathering points in Zalingei and other older gathering points in the same locality.

At the reporting period- September 1- 24th 2023, JMCO implemented the following activities;
1. Conducted PSS for newly arrived IDPs children in Zalingei with total participant of 539; (451 child- 198 boys and 253 girls), 88 Adult; (59 female and 29 male )
2. Conducted Risk Mitigation awareness including UXO messages to affected community (IDPs) with total of 1029 participant; (413 Girls and 266 Boys), 350 Adult; (117 male and 233 female).
3. Referral of 2 girls injured with stray bullets in Zalingei to El Genena for urgent emergency intervention

UXOs and risks mitigation awareness in Zalingei Central Darfur state Psychosocial support activity in Zalingei Central Darfur State



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