Oct 16 2023

Global Handwashing Day


15th October Global Hand Washing Day is one of the most important days when people are reminded of the importance of hand washing. Washing hands with soap can prevent you from food poisoning and contamination


To remind people about the importance of hand hygiene to health.

Executive Summary

On this day Jabal Marra Charity Organization for Rural Development –JMCO and Action against Hunger-AAH took the day celebration to Kutury, and 3 other villages (Al Malam, Korly and El fordoes) in Zalingei Central Darfur state, Sudan. More than 204 community members attended the ceremony in Kutury alone, mainly women and children.

The community of Kutury welcomes the two organizations with cheers and joy, having been working within the area in the last two years. The community of Kutury applauds the commitment and contribution of JMCO through Action Against Hunger –AAH in humanitarian Aid especially with emphasis on hygiene and sanitation within the community of Kutury, in which so many families benefited from the robust services provided by the humanitarian Aid organizations (JMCO and AAH).

The community stood tall to voluntarily demonstrate how well they have learned to properly wash their hands with soap and water during the global hand washing day celebration in Al Malam Village Health Facility -HF. Beating all odds one of the Men in the community took the courage to be the first to demonstrate how to wash his hands with soap and water. Consequently in the region, a lot of men consider the day’s celebration as a women’s event, and few men if not none attend such events.

In Al Malam village alone the day’s event brought together more than 100 community members (89F and 11M) excluding children who were also in attendance. Al Malam community is comprised of Fur and Arab nomads (who are mainly moving from one place to another in search of good pasture for their animals), to have these (Nomads) visibly taking an active part in the day’s celebration is something unusual in this community of Al Malam.

Vote of thanks and appreciation

Habib Suleiman Tirab stood up and said, “We are so grateful to JMCO and AAH organizations for their tireless contribution to bringing a lasting change in Al Malam Community in particular in terms of health, Wash and livelihood services among others, which has greatly mitigated the long-suffering of the community of Al Malam. We the people of Al Malam do not have anything to offer in return but rather say, thank you for the continued services you are rendering to us”

This day reminded the people of Kutury and other three villages of AAH -GAC program intervention areas (Al Malam, Korly and El Fordoes in Zalingei locality) about messages shared on water, sanitation, and hygiene with a focus on behaviors that can improve cleanliness and lead to good health, such as frequent hand washing, facial cleanliness, and bathing with soap and water. Many diseases can be prevented through proper hygiene practices, such as covering your cough and sneezes, and washing hands after handling animals.

Activities of the day

Basic hygiene practice message
Hand washing demonstration
Questions and answers
Hand washing participatory demonstration by community members
Distribution of bathing soaps to participants as motivation for being exemplary
Vote of thanks by sheik and community member-community leader


More recognition of this day by humanitarian actors and celebrating with communities
More effort is needed for awareness of the day- so many people are not aware of the hand washing day in their communities (radios, TVs, and market days awareness sessions)
Men should be encouraged to attend. Men thought such celebrations were only for women


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